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Digital Signage Software Freeware

Digital Signage Software Freeware

‘Enough of the tech jargon!’ I hear you cry. What is this digital signage software freeware all about?

Putting it simply, freeware is free software that is available for anyone to download and use at no monetary cost. Sounds great right? Why wouldn’t everyone use it? Unfortunately, everything comes at a price, even ‘free’ software.

Freeware is a type of software called ‘proprietary software.’ Proprietary software is owned by an individual or company, generally the original developers, who control its distribution and use. Unlike Open Source software (read our blog on that here) the source code is confidential. This means that there are severe restrictions on the software and, usually, they cannot be modified, re-distributed or reverse engineered without the developer’s express permission.

How does this affect digital signage?

The beauty of digital signage is its flexibility to adapt to changing trends, regions or schedules instantly. If your brand has a new campaign, or wants to jump on a trending bandwagon, it pays off to be able to re-design and update screens at the click of a button. This is made extremely difficult if you cannot freely modify the source code of the platform you are using.

On the contrary, NowSignage is a SaaS (software as a service) platform. This means you can modify and manage your content effortlessly, whenever necessary. Although it’s incredibly easy to use, the support team here at NowSignage is available 24/7 to assist with any design, management or support issues that you or your business may have. NowSignage is the perfect choice for enterprise level businesses looking to expand into digital signage.

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