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Digital Signage Software Open Source

Digital Signage Software Open Source

Digital Signage software open source. Coming from a non-technical background those words can seem pretty intimidating. What exactly does it mean?

Let’s start with open source software. ‘Open Source’ means that the source code (the computer instructions) that run the software, is made publically available. These software packages are then continuously developed and supported by the open source community. To use the software, you would buy a licence allowing you to change, distribute or improve upon it at will. Once you have the licence, you need to download the software, install it onto your servers and manage it yourself.

Managing the software takes time and specialist skills. Not only do you need to potentially re-write the code to make even the smallest alterations to fit your needs, but staff would need to be trained to oversee the platform and be able to troubleshoot if it breaks.

At NowSignage we combine expertise in both the technical development and the design and creativity aspects of digital signage software. Our consultancy service can advise you on the best design for your business, and our IT team can create bespoke widgets and animations for your screens. Our team is on hand 24/7 to meet your needs and provide support to you and your business.Although there are many free digital signage software options available, your business cannot afford to run the risk of being left broadcasting without moderation or technical support.

The NowSignage platform is not only secure but it is moderated, taking away the worry of unfiltered content being streamed to your screens. With NowSignage’s bespoke management and design service, your marketing team can relax as we take the reins and deliver the best digital signage for your business.

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