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NowSignage produced an Android digital signage app, offers a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to enhance their advertising displays. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of NowSignage and how it can revolutionize your advertising solutions.

NowSignage attend Sign & Digital Show In Birmingham

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NowSignage had a great day attending the Sign and Digital show in Birmingham’s NEC in 2016 but have contiued to attend. Sign & Digital UK is the industry’s longest-running trade show for the visual communications sector. It is held annually in Birmingham, UK. The next Sign & Digital UK event will be held from Sunday, […]

How Digital Signage Influences – NowSignage

In his blog ‘Why Digital Signage is the New Brand Currency’, Mike briefly touched on how social proof acts as a way to influence others and when integrated into Digital Signage it can convince a person whether or not to buy certain products. I wanted to take this concept a little further and explore exactly […]

32 Co-op stores install digital signage

Oasis digital signage

Coca Cola launched Oasis Mighty Drops in 2014 as part of an overhaul of the visual identity and design of the Oasis brand. Aimed at teens and young adults, the product is Coca-Cola’s first foray into the on the go squash market.

University of Chester installs NowSignage

University digital signage

NowSignage’s Chester University project is centred around the creation and provision of Digital Signage. The requirements from the University can be seen as ‘dual purpose

Vodafone transforms Covent Garden digital signage

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NowSignage teamed up with Vodafone to take a trip down memory lane, as they celebrated 30 years since the first mobile phone call was made in the UK. Visitors were transported back to the 1980s for the three-day weekend event, which took place in London’s Covent Garden on the appropriately named 1984G Street, specifically constructed for […]