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Why Digital Signage is the New Brand Currency

Why Digital Signage is the New Brand Currency

NowSignage’s cloud based signage platform lets you update and change content on your screens that becomes the New Brand Currency from a remote location. However, unlike many other digital signage platforms, it is not limited to static adverts or video ads. We are bridging the gap between traditional signage and the digital age of social media. We work off the idea that the more interactive your screen content is, the more your customer will engage, making it an easier sell.

Our ex- Sales Director, Mike Wilde was involved in a panel discussion at BVE in 2016 discussing this topic with the topic of New Brand Currency being discussed.

The amount of time people spend on their phones is phenomenal. If you are able to link your signage to take advantage of this time you’re onto a winner!

  • The average user spends 3 hours a day on their mobile
  • 70% of smartphone users have social networks installed on their phones
  • the UK is one of the top multi-screen nations having one of the largest digital economies in the world

Our aim is to increase the brands ‘Social Proof’ using their own customers as their marketing material.  ‘Social proof’ is the art of changing perceptions through the use of user-generated content. So basically, if you want to convince someone, show them someone else enjoying it and they’ll want it themselves. We have found this to not only be extremely effective, but the simplest way to monetise signage in the mode world.

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