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Digital Signage Retail Case Study

Digital Signage Retail Case Study

Digital marketing is fantastic isn’t it? There are more ways than ever before to reach potential customers.

The rise of social media in particular has been a powerful tool for companies, yet it can be challenging to cut through the noise. So how do you make your brand’s message heard?

Marketing campaigns are becoming increasingly more imaginative as they try to keep up with the fast paced world of social media. Few are better at this form of marketing than Aldi. Their latest marketing push is demonstrative of their skill at surpassing competition by keeping campaigns witty and relevant.

When images of lemon slices began appearing throughout Britain rumours began circulating like wildfire. The lemon is the symbol of one of Manchester’s most beloved rock bands, The Stone Roses. The enigmatic campaign proved very successful on social media, with many fans speculating what the lemons could mean.

Well, as the band sang, ‘Love Spreads’ and sensing an opportunity, Aldi replicated the campaign, broadcasting its own lemon slices on digital screens across Manchester and adding a cheeky ‘29p’ beneath the image.

The discount supermarket chain also took to twitter and shared a lemon slice with the caption ‘our lemons aren’t made of stone’ referencing the band’s 1989 track. Aldi’s tweet and pictures of their digital signage campaign made over 93,000 impressions on Twitter.

Aldi’s campaign is a perfect example of how successful a brand can be when it implements flexible and responsive marketing techniques. The clever marketing team at Aldi used digital signage to create a great, targeted campaign keeping the brand relevant and reinforcing its personality. Well done Aldi!

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