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3 tips to keep your digital signage up to date

3 tips to keep your digital signage up to date

It’s harder than ever to convince passing trade to visit your store. It’s even harder when you haven’t got anything dragging them in off the street. A UK study found that almost 90% of retailers considered digital signage essential for increasing their brand’s awareness. So what’s the big deal?

Digital signage offers a chance to catch the attention of footfall passing your store. With more ways than ever to steal their attention, here’s a few tips:

– Keep it moving

If your signage has movement, you’ve got half a chance of catching the coer of someones eye. Animation has been shown to increase dwell time as well as change buying decisions. It’s a key area to address when creating content. 

– Keep it current

It’s often hard to keep up with the seasonal trends, expecially in winter, with Halloween, Bonfire night & Christmas often all rolling into one big season. Alas no more! Create timetables of new content to appear on a certain day to make sure your stores not making a blunder of advertising vampire teeth early December. 

– Keep it relevant

If you know your footfall peaks between a certain time with a certain audience, schedule specific content to appear for that demographic. Take rush-hour as a perfect example, you’ll want to display different messages & offers depending on whether it’s the moing, lunchtime or hometime crowd. By scheduling content, you’re giving yourself a huge advantage to those shops who can’t keep so up to date with their advertising.

3 easy tips to consider when choosing which signage company to go with. Can your provider do all 3?

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