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Hilton Doubletree trial NowSignage

Hilton Doubletree trial NowSignage

The DoubleTree in Liverpool is the first hotel restaurant to trial the new NowSignage platform. The highly regarded restaurant Koukash has the perfect site for moving, animated content. The image below shows how an old ‘hole in the wall’ can be transformed to be showing glossy images of the tasty treats being made inside.

Our animated images and videos catch the attention of the passer by and entice them in with comments and images from social media of their time in the DoubleTree restaurant, to cement their thoughts that this is the best restaurant in Liverpool and they’re going to spend their hard eaed cash here.

Showing off food with glossy pictures is somewhat of a norm in our 21st century lives. More and more restaurants are using these delicious looking images and videos to bring in hungry punters.

Our technology is shining through on this project especially. The client will be having multiple screens, portrait and landscape. This is no bother to NowSignage as you can simply flip and rotate your screens at will. Our social media moderation allows only the best images and comments about your business be visible to passers by, to ensure you’re always setting the best example for your business.

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