Skin Health Spa extend to digital signage

Skin Health Spa extend to digital signage

Skin Health Spa retail stores have decided to upgrade to NowSignage to power multiple screens with fresh, time-specific content.

By using NowSignage, their marketing team can keep customers up to date with the newest trends and offers in a timely manner which has been seen to improve sales.

During the first week of launching their digital signage Skin Health Spa saw an increase of 125% in their sales of Skin Peel treatments. This was as a direct result of promoting this specific treatment through their in-store digital signage.

From a survey of 500 customers, an incredible 90% of customers could recall a specific treatment that was promoted via the in-store digital signage.

Overjoyed Managing Director, Adam Flint had this to say:

“Lets be clear, we spend considerable amounts of time, energy and money to deliver what we think is new and exciting only to realise its out of date by the end of the first week let alone first month. NowSignage is a game changer – use all your content and deliver it to your customers at a time and in a place that is right for you and your customers. We use NowSignage across all our luxury Skin Health Spas as well as our Flint plus Flint store located within Harvey Nichols. NowSignage comes highly recommended!”

The Flint + Flint Harvey Nicholls store, Nantwitch and Deansgate retail stores have moved their digital signage to NowSignage, with more to follow.

NowSignage integrates seamlessly with any android device, enabling any client to source AV equipment from different vendors, creating a purpose-built solution for different customers. Retailers are already enjoying the benefits of digital signage powered by NowSignage and now you can too.

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