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Visibility – How do I know if my screen is on?

Visibility – How do I know if my screen is on?

From the moment that you connect your screen you can rest assured knowing that the NowSignage platform will provide you with constant visibility and updates of the uptime of all your screens.

When on your NowSignage project dashboard you will see an overview of the total number of screens you have connected alongside a live health status of each of those screens. When any new screen is added and the PIN subsequently entered into a live screen, your NowSignage account will automatically connect and communicate with the NowSignage Android App to monitor its performance and provide live health status updates.

There are three health status indicators:

  • Active (Green) – The screen is live and inteet connection good.
  • Intermittent (Amber) – The screen is playing in offline mode and inteet connection is poor.
  • Disabled (Red) – Your screen may still be playing in offline mode but it is not connected to inteet and will receive no content updates.

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