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How to load NowSignage onto my TV screen

How to load NowSignage onto my TV screen

So your screen is on, the NowSignage app downloaded and you are ready so lets learn how to load NowSignage to your digital signage.

If you require assistance with the steps prior to this then please refer to our FAQ article ‘How to download the NowSignage app’ or ‘Locating my screen PIN’.

Using the remote control provided with your media player or by connecting a mouse select and load the NowSignage App. Once loaded on your screen you will be presented with a request to enter your screen PIN. At this point please enter your 5-digit PIN and then select ‘Activate’. As soon as your PIN is activated it will send out a signal to the correlating screen within your NowSignage account and start the process of downloading the required assets to play on this screen.

In the bottom left coer of your screen you may see a progress bar indicating the download status of your assets. In the bottom right coer you may also see an icon that will indicate whether a stable inteet connection has been secured.

Once all assets have been downloaded to the media player via the NowSignage App your digital signage will continue to play from the local storage of the device for a more secure and stable playing experience. However, the Nowsignage App will continue to keep in constant communication with your NowSignage account in order to monitor the health status of your screen; and in case you change the content and new assets need to be downloaded via the cloud.

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