NowSignage v1.9 is now live!

NowSignage v1.9 is now live!

After three months of work, we’re happy to announce that NowSignage version 1.9 is now available for all devices, in both Google Play and Amazon App Stores.

This release brings a large list of repairs, tweaks and improvements to the functionality that our clients have come to expect since the app’s launch, early last year. Great improvements have been made to the scheduling engine, the “robot” within the app that tracks when and where your content will be shown from – and how long that content is meant to stay on the screen.

This blog post will introduce you to some of the new technology that you’ll come to love in v1.9.

Know when your content is coming in

Major improvements have been made to our background downloading functionality.

As the app talks to our server to discover new content you’ve scheduled to display, we’ll let you know which media assets we’re updating, giving you peace of mind that your digital signage is always reliably one step ahead.

Improved reliability with video content

NowSignage boasts a powerful image rendering core, allowing you to showcase your brand or event in true-colour and high resolution – and what is video, if not a series of moving images? 

In previous versions of the app, we noticed that some videos failed to play as smooth as possible, partly due to the low graphics processing power on some devices such as the Amazon Fire TV, and low-end Android media players.

We’ve improved the reliability of video files to enhance the quality of your digital signage.

Be with you in a second

Beach-ball, hourglass, spinning-circle.

Everybody is familiar with the frustration when a computer is performing a task, but won’t tell you what it’s doing. In version 1.9 of the NowSignage app, we introduced a loading screen that is displayed – along with our new background downloading functionality – when you first load a loop that contains a list of large video files.

To prevent these videos stuttering, and looking sub-par in front of your audience, we will show a well-crafted loading screen on the first time your loop runs.

The NowSignage development team love to hear suggestions on how to make our app better, if you’ve got any comments or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you.

Drop us a line at

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