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NowSignage v1.11 is now live!

NowSignage v1.11 is now live!

The NowSignage Engineering team are back with yet another release of our Android app, version v1.11 , that is now available for all supported devices, in both Google Play and Amazon App Stores.

This release focuses on some requests that we’ve heard from a fair few customers, specifically YouTube video streaming – including the ability to play live streaming channels – and the ability to set time-sensitive date visibility for your Loop Items.

YouTube streaming, live in 3…2…1…

One of the most popularly-requested features has been to implement the ability to broadcast full-screen YouTube videos, especially live-streamed content such as Sky News or a corporate event stream. From today, you’ll be able to switch between your great social media comments, on-brand media communications, and select content from YouTube.

Weekend Sale? We’ve got you covered

Content scheduled within a NowSignage Loop had traditionally been content that would not change (too) dramatically. But occasionally, there’s a time-sensitive event that you’d like to showcase on screen and not have to bother with making sure you have removed the content afterwards.

Commencing with our latest Android update, we’ve added the ability to selectively hide a Loop Item until it is due on screen, or remove it once the event is over. We’ve found this to be great for the weekend sale you’re throwing, or to welcome a new member of staff to the office on their first day!

The content visibility settings are located on the right-hand side of the Loop Item editor.

The NowSignage development team always love advice on how to make our app better, if you’ve got any comments or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you.

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