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Top 10 webpages to show in your digital signage!

Top 10 webpages to show in your digital signage!

One question that our customers frequently ask is what Top 10 webpages
“What are the top 10 the best way to maximise the engagement levels with my digital signage?”

We believe there are two core ingredients that increase engagement and by adding web views into your digital signage mix you will deliver on both fronts.

1. Relevant Targeted Content: Simply put, if your content is not relevant to the viewing audience then it will not be engaging. NowSignage already gives you the power to send self generated content to different screens at any times of the day; but now we have introduced a new stream of content to the mix. There’s a great wealth of content on the web you can now show off this content to maximum effect.

2. Timely Automated Content: Keeping signage up-to-date can sometimes be a timely exercise, so why not make your life a little easier! By finding web views that are either relevant to your industry sector or of general interest to your viewing audience you can now ensure that your signage is always displaying live content… and the best bit is that you don’t need to create any of the content yourself as the NowSignage will automatically live stream the latests web view!



The web gives you a whole plethora of content to choose from, so Top 10 webpages to make things easy, we’ve listed 10 ideas of wabpage views that you may wish to consider adding to your digital signage:

1. Sales Dashboards
2. Event Calendars
3. Customer Reviews
4. Weather Reporting
5. Leaderboards
6. Latest News
7. Website analytics
8. Website product pages
9. Live stream TV, office or store camera

10. Marketing Campaigns 

If you’d like to start adding webpages into your digital signage displays then please contact the NowSignage team and we’ll be happy to help!

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