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Cloud based digital signage

Cloud based digital signage

There has been a growth in cloud based digital signage in recent years, this has been the start of a digital display revolution and I’m delighted to be part of that change.


About 7 years ago my company was looking into how social media was growing and how we could take that growth and help in delivering content into the workspace. At the time there was little consideration into sharing content from the likes of Twitter and Facebook and delivering that content into a visual form. Other restrictions also existed, media players were both expensive, difficult to use and unreliable, wifi was slow and unreliable.


Whilst there were plenty of micro computers being used it would require a technician to set-up and update so the actual management costs involved were expensive and just didn’t provide the ROI needed.


When amazon released their firestick and the television manufacturers started to build what they called smart tv’s this triggered a change.


NowSignage were among the first to recognise that a new service or even industry was emerging, we started to build a media player agnostic solution. Today you can buy a firestick for 30 dollars and be up and running using the NowSignage solution in less than three minutes, updates are instant and wifi more reliable but even if it drops the devices continue to work.


The revolution in digital signage has arrived and now it’s down to the imagination of users to extract the best use.

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