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JCB 25m Video Wall & Office Digital Signage

JCB 25m Video Wall & Office Digital Signage
Video wall

In every coer of the world you’ll find a JCB machine. JCB (J.C. Bamford Excavators Limited) is one of the world’s biggest construction equipment manufacturers employing around 12,000 people across four continents.

JCB has a reputation for doing things on a BIG scale and this is no more prevalent than at their World Headquarters in Staffordshire, England. The impressive World Headquarters dominates the landscape with its own private lake, imposing machinery parked in the main entrance and a full Factory Tour & Visitor Centre sitting neatly within the huge industrial office size space.

So what else could JCB do make a bold statement and reaffirm their status as market leaders?…

How about building a 25m x 10m customer centric video wall in the upstairs office!

“Wow let me see it!”…


“But isn’t it just a big marketing ploy”, I hear you cry…

Not at all. From my experience of working with this fantastic company, this kind of decisive decision making is exactly what makes JCB so successful. They don’t mind going big if it means they are innovating and putting their customers first. JCB take great pride in understanding their customers. Engaging and connecting using this knowledge is exactly what keeps their famous yellow diggers out there as the leading force on construction sites around the globe.

What and how is the content displayed on the JCB Customer First Wall?

As the go to digital technology provider for JCB, NowSignage, worked alongside the AV hardware specialists Feltech and the leading digital agency McCann, to create a huge 25m state-of-the-art customer display

Powering the 25m long wall are 4 Ultra-HD projectors aligned to give the illusion of one seamless display. With 4 panels of live customer dashboards graphically styled by McCann, the NowSignage platform is utilised to take independent control of the digital content so that JCB can showcase a range of moderated customer content and decide exactly what type of content is to be displayed.

As part of this project NowSignage is also working with JCB to roll out a digital signage solution that powers screen content outside of the Customer First room and throughout the office headquarters. For JCB this form of office digital signage has become an essential way to improve the way they share intel, while also reinforcing its brand and strengthening employer branding.

We look forward to continuing to work with JCB and sharing our next BIG project with you!

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