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NowSignage Platform Changelog – 26 July 2019

NowSignage Platform Changelog – 26 July 2019

Welcome to the latest update of the NowSignage platform! We are constantly working to improve our platform and provide the best experience for our users. In this changelog, we will highlight the latest updates and optimizations that have been made to our platform.

The NowSignage platform has made some software update to improve usability and stability.

As with any software, bugs can sometimes occur. In this update, we have addressed and fixed various bugs reported by our users. These fixes include:

  • Resolved issue with content not displaying correctly on certain devices
  • Fixed scheduling conflicts for smoother content management
  • Addressed login issues for a smoother user experience

We are committed to providing a seamless and bug-free experience with our latest Platform Changelog for our users and will continue to address and fix any reported issues.

This week’s changelog is as follows:

  • Applied security measures to prevent automated signups.
  • Implemented a check to prevent Announcements being sent to incompatible Screen(s).
  • Added help and guidance to the Power BI integration.
  • Added a rate-limit on how often a Power BI Report can communicate with the Power BI API.
  • Added visual information on whether a Power BI Report embed token is valid.
  • Implemented a visual indicator for available embed token capacity for Power BI
  • Fix an API bug where Power BI reports could access the Power BI API without an Azure authentication.
  • Fixed a bug with Instagram Hashtag searching to display tags with one page of results.

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