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How to display Microsoft Power BI reports on a screen securely

How to display Microsoft Power BI reports on a screen securely

Leading digital signage innovator NowSignage has today revealed that they are the first to market with a full integration of Microsoft’s Power BI product. This represents a huge win for enterprise companies who require the ability to display private reports securely on screens located throughout their offices.


Until now, many digital signage providers have claimed to have integrations with Microsoft Power BI, however this has always been limited to displaying only publicly available links. When it comes to displaying private business intelligence or confidential financial data, it is incomprehensible for companies to knowingly generate these private reports as a public links for the sole purpose of displaying this content on their office screens – these links can end up visible on search engines such as Google, accessible to anyone in the world. 


Nick Johnson, CEO, NowSignage, stated: “Here at NowSignage we are dedicated to driving forward groundbreaking technology and making it accessible to all. After months of working alongside Microsoft to achieve this integration we are delighted to announce the release of Power BI into the platform. From today, customers can login to NowSignage, activate Power BI through our in-platform App Store and immediately start displaying their private reports across screens in global office locations. NowSignage is the only platform to do this securely without any visible public access”.


Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics solution that empowers analysts to collate data from hundreds of data sources and then visualise them into business critical data reports and live dashboards. This includes supported access to on-premises and cloud-based sources, such as Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Azure SQL DB, Excel, and SharePoint. These stunning reports with interactive data visualisations, help businesses, departments and employees to tell their data stories with real-time content.


Nick Johnson, said: “Businesses consume data at such volume it is imperative to be able to cut through the noise and succinctly present business critical information to a relevant audience at a time and place that allows them to make informed decisions, or instil a culture of success. Combining Microsoft Power BI with NowSignage enables businesses to broadcast this data across screens located within offices, putting insight exactly where their employees can’t miss it.” 


One such company that is already taking advantage of displaying their private Power BI reports through NowSignage digital signage is recruitment giant Robert Walters. A full case study can be found on the NowSignage website.


Sean Paul Bradley, Continuous Improvement Director, Robert Walters, stated: “Digital signage was the perfect tool to broadcast our live metrics and targets to our employees across the globe. NowSignage were the only offering we found that could provide a secure solution to PowerBI on digital signage, and we’re delighted with the result.


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