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Google Traffic on Digital CMS

Google Traffic on Digital CMS

Google Traffic is a feature within Google Maps that takes advantage of Google’s massive network of data sources to accurately display the current state of the roads. Google Traffic can highlight congested routes, roadworks and road closures and provide a great heads-up for how the local area is looking for your commute.

Being stuck in a traffic jam is enough to drive anyone crazy, unexpected tailbacks and roadworks tu a regular jouey into a annoying delay. At NowSignage, we saw the opportunity to use digital signage to inform our customers about their current driving situation, and we’re delighted to announce that from today everyone has access to the Google Traffic app – available at no extra cost.

This feature is enabled for the NowSignage Android app, starting with v2.5.0.

Add Google Traffic to your NowSignage project

In the NowSignage platform, select the “Content” menu on the top navigation, and then click “View all apps” on the sidebar.

You’ll then see the Google Traffic app available to select, add it to your project, and start selecting locations to show on your screens.

Once you’ve added a location, you’ll be able to select it when you create or update one of your loops, just like an image or video asset.

Don’t have a NowSignage account yet?

If you don’t have an account with us, you can create a free account and set up a trial screen, we’d be delighted if you can take the Google Traffic app for a test drive at your office or campus. Nowsignage

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