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The next-generation of digital signage that works on any hardware

The next-generation of digital signage that works on any hardware

NowSignage has today announced that it has become the world’s first digital signage platform to become truly hardware agnostic through a single code base with its next generation software.


Thanks to groundbreaking next-generation technology developed by NowSignage, users can now load their digital signage content on to any screen hardware without having to compromise on security, reliability or performance. 


Nick Johnson, Chief Executive Officer at NowSignage stated “Our global customer base demanded a digital signage solution that isn’t limited by hardware constraints. As we operate through our channel partners, NowSignage has many distributors and resellers who already have existing relationships with preferred hardware and SoC manufacturers and it is therefore imperative that our software solution is compatible with all providers.”


Traditionally cloud-based digital signage platforms build and support many versions of their application, to enable compatibility with as many hardware as possible. This can soon become quite a burden for technology companies as they need to support different code bases to function across the major operating systems (Windows, Android, Mac OS, and Linux) as well as variations of these Operating Systems utilised by leading manufacturers, such as Samsung using Tizen and LG using WebOS.


Nick continued “It all started by asking a simple question to our development team. Why does it all need to be so complicated, can we just build one code base that supports all hardwares?”


After 4 months of research and development, NowSignage has the answer and successfully launched this new technology to market with immediately impressive results.


Matt Ryder, Chief Technology Officer at NowSignage stated: “To keep our agile team delivering features as they are required by customers and far ahead of our competitors, we had to discover a path through the problem of building multiple applications. Our new single code base enables us to deploy updates that are compatible with all Operating Systems at a fraction of the time, meaning less time wasted and more time spent releasing great features to our customers. I’m confident that our next generation of digital signage software will be the start of many years of continued innovation at NowSignage”.


With the NowSignage application now operating off one code base, NowSignage can be successfully deployed on any hardware at the click of a button. This brings huge benefits to the industry as it streamlines the onboarding process, simplifies the installation rollout, and enables new features to be released to the market at speed.   


If you have a project that is utilising hardware that has not been previously compatible with NowSignage then please give us a shout on and we’d be delighted to demonstrate our new technology to you.

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