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Kwik Tan get a new look with NowSignage digital signage

Kwik Tan get a new look with NowSignage digital signage

Kwik Tan is a leader amongst the tanning industry with 42 salons across the UK. Each salon is open 7 days a week and with no appointment needed, it is clear why they pride themselves on providing a convenient tanning service at exceptional prices. They have a simple ethos which is to provide a clean, safe, friendly tanning experience.


All the Kwik Tan salons have integrated with the latest tanning technologies to ensure that all their customers have the best experience possible. With this in mind, it is apparent why they have also integrated with the latest digital signage technology with NowSignage.


Our cloud-based digital signage solution has allowed them to stay true to their ethos by easily communicating their key marketing messages, including:

– Displaying customer feedback via social media

– Raising awareness of monthly promotions, offers & deals

– Tanning tips to maximise the customer experience

– Upselling products by advertising their range of tanning products

– Educating their customers with their ‘responsible tanning’ policy


Patrick Cumiskey (Marketing Manager) stated that: “Having used NowSignage for other bands within the Luxury Leisure group, I had every confidence in the solution. From implementation to customer service, NowSignage always delivers. Our POS has never looked so good!”


With NowSignage, it’s easy to visualise your company ethos and display it on any screen in a matter of minutes. It’s also possible to schedule your promotional content in advance to ensure that the right messages are displayed at the appropriate times.


Why not display your key marketing images and videos on your shop window screens to not only attract footfall but to get the public talking about your brand!


When it comes to retail digital signage, NowSignage is a clear choice with our world-class in-platform integrations with the major social media platforms. You can connect to all your social media channels and auto-publish company content directly onto the screens, keeping your content both fresh and vibrant.


You can even use digital signage to promote public endorsements of your products and services by encouraging your customers to share their experiences on social media. By publishing their comments onto your screens, this provides you an easy way of shouting about your excellent customer feedback and can even get your brand trending on social media!


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