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Hikvision and NowSignage partner

to launch Philips PDS PeopleCount solution

Hikvision and NowSignage partner

In response to the escalation of COVID-19, Hikvision and NowSignage have joined forces to bring to market a solution to help retailers rebuild consumer confidence and dispel conces around social distancing. PeopleCount is a solution that meets the growing demand for more effective ways to measure capacity management in public spaces. 


Visualising exactly when it is safe to enter a location or when maximum capacity has been reached is easily achieved with this industry-leading PeopleCount solution by NowSignage. 


Brands can easily control the flow of customers at their entrances via customer-facing screens, that automatically controls the flow of queuing customers. Customers waiting to enter a store are informed with fully customisable visual alerts, waing when occupancy limits are breached or when it is safe to enter.


Tom Ross, Commercial Director of NowSignage said: “Hikvision is a brand that’s grown to become the world’s leading provider of CCTV and video surveillance products. With such credentials, this made Hikvision the ideal partner to deliver this industry-leading people counting solution.”


“We knew that there would inevitably be other such solutions coming to market, so it was important that we partnered with the right technology business. It was also important that our solution provided more customisation, better reporting and more robust security than the others. I’m excited to see some household-name brands already rolling out our solution across Europe and beyond.”



By activating the free to use NowSignage Capacity Management App, the NowSignage platform can then be configured to pull real-time data from the Hikvision Dual-lens People Counting camera, before storing, analysing and pushing this data instantly to the screens. 


One unique element of this solution is that it has been developed as a full integration within the NowSignage digital signage platform, which means users are able to display footfall dashboards within the context of other digital signage content. 

For example, using the multi-zone layout capabilities within NowSignage, a user can divide their screen into multiple zones to allow the PeopleCount dashboard to display alongside other promotional content or public safety messaging. Furthermore, all data collected from PeopleCount can be pulled in to reports to better understand customer flow and amend on-screen advertising/messaging accordingly.

This solution has been developed in-line with Philips Professional Display Solutions to ensure full compatibility with the Philps D-Line display range, as part of a tukey digital signage solution.


Required components to implement the PeopleCount solution:

  • Philips D-Line Display or a CRD50 OPS Module. 

  • NowSignage screen license (with the FREE Capacity Management App enabled)

  • Hikvision Dual lens People Counting camera model DS-2CD6825G0/C-I(V)(S). 

To find out more about PeopleCount, please contact us on
Activating the Capacity Management App within NowSignage


To add the Capacity Management app to your project, simply go into the NowSignage in-platform App Store within your NowSignage account, select the “Capacity Management” app, and click “Enable App for Free”.


A key feature of the NowSignage and Hikvision solution, is the ability to create ‘camera groups’, which allows you to collate data from multiple cameras that serve one physical location.  


An example of this might be a venue with two doors, a Camera Group would then aggregate the totals for each door’s camera into a single figure.



Hikvision and NowSignage partner













Creating ‘camera groups’ within NowSignage



Hikvision and NowSignage partner




















PeopleCount dashboard displayed alongside promotional advertising



Hikvision and NowSignage partner













Positioning your Hikvision camera



Hikvision and NowSignage partner












Real-time people count data live to your digital signage screens




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