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NowSignage Platform Changelog – 03 June 2020

NowSignage Platform Changelog – 03 June 2020

The NowSignage platform has received various updates, Changelog – 03 June 2020 lists to improve usability and stability.

The NowSignage platform has been a leader in digital signage solutions for businesses of all sizes. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, it has helped countless businesses improve their marketing and communication efforts. In order to continue providing the best service possible, the NowSignage platform has recently received various updates. Let’s take a look at the changelog and see what changes have been made.

As with any software, the NowSignage platform has also received bug fixes and improvements. These updates have been made to ensure that the platform runs smoothly and efficiently for businesses. Some of the improvements include faster loading times, better compatibility with different devices, and improved stability. These updates will provide businesses with a more reliable and seamless experience when using the NowSignage platform.

This week’s Changelog – 03 June 2020 is as follows:

  • Implemented a fix to suppress logging for test suite cases where output is not required.
  • Altered the Capacity Management event API endpoint to retu XML-formatted errors.
  • Implemented UI to show Capacity Management camera events received by NowSignage.
  • Unify all copy to refer to Capacity Management correctly.
  • Fix a bug that prevented Capacity Management camera groups from being scoped for the current project.
  • Implemented an endpoint that allows camera groups to be queried for details.
  • Security fixes and stability improvements.

The NowSignage platform is constantly evolving and improving to provide businesses with the best digital signage solution. With these recent updates, businesses can expect to see a better user experience, and new features to enhance their digital signage efforts. Stay tuned for more updates and improvements from the NowSignage platform in the future.

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