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Manchester Cathedral uses digital signage

Manchester Cathedral uses digital signage

Manchester Cathedral has been centre stage in its city’s history for nearly 600 years, located in the city’s medieval quarter and welcomes thousands of visitors every year, acting as both a place of worship and tourist attraction and has now added Digital Signage.

The Cathedral went through a revamping process of rolling out digital signage with the aim of allowing them to truly connect with a modern audience. When searching for their ideal CMS, it became apparent that NowSignage was the only platform which met all their requirements and needs.

Our cloud-based digital solution has allowed the Cathedral to communicate effectively and quickly with the ability to broadcast community-based content at the click of a button, including:

  • Welcoming visitors to the Cathedral
  • Displaying the latest Health & Safety messaging
  • Informing worshipers of upcoming mass schedules & events
  • Promoting the Cathedral’s Choir
  • Displaying dynamic real-time social media content

With NowSignage, you can keep your congregation truly engaged by ulisting our multi-zone layouts to display a variety of content side by side. You can even display live visitor comments using our social media integrations alongside important health & safety messaging and event announcements.

Digital signage can be an effective tool which can be utilised across multiple areas of your place of worship. As NowSignage is such a feature-rich platform, the opportunities are endless! You can use your screens to support masses & services by using our advanced content scheduling system to display prayers and scriptures, this helps create an experience which is both engaging and interactive for your audience!

To find out more about how digital signage can be effectively implemented in your place of worship, please contact NowSignage on

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