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Totally Wicked promote with digital signage by NowSignage

Totally Wicked promote with digital signage by NowSignage
Totally Wicked digital signage powered by NowSignage

Totally Wicked is one of the leading vape companies in the UK. With a dedication to changing the lives of smokers, their mission is to enlighten as many people as possible to the potential benefits associated with switching smoking for vaping. In fact, Totally Wicked are proud to say that 90% of their customers who switch to vaping, quit smoking for good.

With over 150 dedicated vape stores, Totally Wicked needed an effective way to ‘empower smokers to transform their lives’ and position vaping as the healthier alternative. After consulting with Alpha Digital, it was clear the digital signage CMS by NowSignage was the best solution to deliver the project requirements, by providing a cloud-based tool that would allow Totally Wicked to remotely update all of their stores with targeted messaging.

In order to achieve this, a major revamp of stores was required. Many of the branches were still using traditional paper posters for their marketing and others were using normal household television screens in their windows. These TV screens were not bright enough to be seen through the window in the daylight and the paper posters faded quickly and were slow and expensive to replace. These limitations meant that Totally Wicked were finding it hard to run quick promotions because of the inconsistency between the technology and marketing methods of the different branches.

Alpha Digital manufactured and installed ultra-high bright commercial displays into the windows of each branch. As a leading AV integrator and reseller of NowSignage, all SoC displays came pre-installed with NowSignage as standard. After an initial trial demonstrated that customers were seeing the promotional messages displayed on the digital signage window displays, and driving footfall into the stores, a decision was made to roll-out digital signage across all stores. 

Totally Wicked are now able to react instantly to changes in the market, create on-the-spot promotions and ensure that the marketing is up-to-date in each store. This solution has saved Totally Wicked time and money by replacing their traditional printed posters with digital technology. They now have the flexibility they need in an ever-changing market, and can also have confidence that their brand will be reflected consistently throughout their stores nationwide. Totally Wicked have noticed an increase in footfall due to the promotions on the dynamic displays, which is a great example of the effectiveness of digital signage.

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