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Patient communication via NowSignage digital signage

Patient communication via NowSignage digital signage
Dorset NHS use NowSignage digital signage at county’s largest vaccination centre

The NHS is working extremely hard to deliver the biggest vaccination programme that the NHS has ever undertaken, and with intense interest in the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination, it is important that this phased rollout implements the most effective processes and technologies in order to deliver the programme at speed.

Following several weeks of hard work by Dorset HealthCare and its partners, the county’s large vaccination centre at the Bournemouth International Centre (BIC) opened its doors on the 18th January. A dedicated team of staff, supported by volunteers from local communities, will now run the centre 12 hours a day, 7 days a week to roll out vaccinations as quickly as possible. At full capacity it is anticipated the BIC will be able to deliver 9,000 vaccinations a week. 

With such a large intake of public passing through the vaccine centre on a daily basis it was vital for the Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust, to be able to not only communicate important information to the public visiting the vaccine centre for their injection, but also keep them safe by ensuring social distancing and other COVID protocols are adhered to.

Working alongside the NHS Trusts appointed AV integrator, Clear VC, NowSignage digital signage software has been implemented on TV screens in the BIC vaccine centre to display critical messaging, in a clear, concise and time bound manner.

Richard Hutchinson, Sales Director at NowSignage, said: “At NowSignage we provide our customers with a flexible solution and a wide-range of features. 12-months ago we hadn’t anticipated our product being used in this way, but we’re delighted to be supporting this vaccination programme and will continue to work closely with the NHS to protect the health and wellbeing of local residents through effective digital signage”

Digital signage is being used in the vaccine centre to display important communication, such as:

  • Health & Safety information
  • Fire protocols for the centre
  • Wi-Fi and internet connectivity instructions
  • Health & wellbeing information
  • Helplines for local support services
  • Social media posts to help ease anxiety and provide reassurance
Patient communication via NowSignage digital signage
UK public tweet about COVID vaccine

Dawn Dawson, Dorset HealthCare’s Director of Nursing, Therapies and Quality, said:

“This has been an enormous undertaking and we are incredibly proud and excited to be providing this important new service. We’re really experienced in providing vaccination services, including flu jabs and school immunisations, and we will use that skill to give our patients a positive, safe and efficient experience at the vaccination centre.”

Karen Kirkham, GP, Clinical lead for the Dorset COVID-19 vaccination programme, and Assistant Clinical Director of Dorset CCG, and said:

“The Dorset health and care system has been working closely together for some time and that has set us up really well to deliver the biggest vaccination programme in NHS history to the people of Dorset. All partners in Dorset are playing an important part in making this happen and I’m delighted that we are able to step up the programme further with the opening of the large centre.”

To find out more about the recent work we’re doing with the NHS, including our implementation into the BIC vaccination centre, please contact us on

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