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NowSignage Powering Digital Marketing

NowSignage Powering Digital Marketing

NowSignage is not only revolutionising how businesses communicate through digital signage, but also demonstrating the power of brand awareness through digital marketing efforts.

Why is brand awareness important?

Building credibility for your brand is essential to stand out from competitors in any sector. With the world as we know moving forward to a digital age, utilising digital channels to increase awareness of your business is a simple but effective tool to focus on. Deciding on what is important for your brand to communicate to its audience is utmost important. Moreover, once this has been established, creating engaging content that resonates with your audience will have a positive impact overall. 

NowSignage and Barbie

NowSignage thinks outside the box when it comes to digital marketing to build momentum for their content. Just the other week the team at NowSignage displayed their serious Kenergy by celebrating the release of the new Barbie Movie. Does this have anything to do with digital signage? Nope. But it created visually engaging and entertaining content that our audience loved. Including our friends over at Sixteen-Nine! Take a look at their views here:

What is next?

NowSignage are working on a digital marketing strategy to scale the awareness of digital signage and how it can have a positive impact within any sector. Reaching new target audiences is key to a successful campaign and must be executed in a strategic way.

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