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Digital Lobby Signage

digital signage in lobby

Digital lobby signage, also known as digital signage or lobby digital signage, is a powerful tool that can enhance the guest experience, improve communication, and increase revenue for your hotel. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of digital lobby signage and how NowSignage can help you take your hotel lobby to the next level. […]

NowSignage Partner with Dahua to Deliver Digital Signage Across Android Displays

Digital signage has become an essential part of modern marketing and communication strategies. With the rise of technology, businesses are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to engage with their audience. This is where NowSignage and Dahua come in, partnering to provide seamless digital signage integration across a range of Android displays. NowSignage is […]

Use OnDemand using mobile integration to control your digital signage

OnDemand is an industry leading feature that NowSignage were first to bring to the market using mobile integration to control your digital signage. This feature allows for content on any screen in a network to be overridden with the click of a button from a mobile device. Digital signage allows businesses to display dynamic and […]

Mobile integration for digital signage

Mobile integration for digital signage is essential if you want to control content in store with mobile devices its essential that any CMS chosen can be easily managed on mobile devices.

NowSignage and Sony at AV Technology Event

As the 2024 Universal AV Technology Event draws near, scheduled for the 22nd of February at The Queens in Leeds, this event promises to be a showcase of cutting-edge AV solutions for diverse environments. Among the esteemed exhibitors, NowSignage, in partnership with Sony, will showcase a beacon of innovation and collaboration. The event, organised by […]

Present an item on a menu in a leading position

When you present an item on a menu in a leading position designing a menu, the placement of items is crucial. The way you present your menu items can have a significant impact on customer choices and ultimately, your sales. In today’s digital age, traditional paper menus are being replaced by digital menus, and with […]