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The Future of Retail Media: NowSignage at DSS Europe 2024

The Future of Retail Media: NowSignage at DSS Europe 2024

Who: Global Sales Director Richard Hutchinson and CEO & Co-Founder Nick Johnson
When: Weds 22nd and Thurs 23rd May 2024
Where: Munich Airport, Germany
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The digital signage landscape is ever-evolving, constantly pushing the boundaries of engagement and innovation. In this dynamic industry, events like the Digital Signage Summit (DSS) Europe serve as crucial platforms for thought leaders to converge, exchange insights, and chart the course for the future. This year, NowSignage, a pioneering force in the digital signage realm, gears up to make its mark at DSS Europe 2024, hosted at Munich Airport.

NowSignage’s CEO and Co-Founder, Nick Johnson will be lending his expertise to the “Retail Media in Practice” panel at 11:00 AM on Thursday. NowSignage is the go-to CMS for Retail Media signage with leading enterprise features for managing large multi-screen networks. Global Sales Director Richard Hutchinson will also be in attendance to pick up the conversation on innovation within the digital signage space.

At the heart of NowSignage’s mission lies a commitment to revolutionizing the way businesses communicate with their audiences. Through their innovative platform, they empower organizations to seamlessly manage and distribute content across a network of digital displays, unlocking new possibilities for engagement and brand storytelling. From retail environments to corporate settings, NowSignage’s solutions are driving tangible results and reshaping the customer experience landscape.

Attendees can expect to gain deep insights into the evolving role of digital signage within the retail sector. From leveraging data analytics to personalized content delivery to harnessing the power of interactivity for enhanced customer engagement, the discussion promises to be both enlightening and inspiring.

Furthermore, NowSignage’s presence at DSS Europe underscores the company’s ongoing commitment to fostering innovation and thought leadership within the digital signage ecosystem. By actively engaging with industry peers and sharing best practices, they are not only shaping the future of retail media but also driving the entire industry forward.

For those passionate about the intersection of technology, retail, and media, DSS Europe 2024 promises to be an event not to be missed. With NowSignage leading the conversation on retail media innovation, the stage is set for meaningful dialogue, collaboration, and inspiration that will shape the future of digital signage for years to come.

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