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Send real-time or scheduled text announcements to your digital signage screens

“Current waiting Time is 10 minutes”

“Spillage in Aisle 7, please take extra care”

That sort of thing!

Announcements are a powerful tool that puts you in control of your priority content messaging. Now you can keep customers and staff well-briefed and up to speed on real-time communications. If NowSignage is installed on a compatible device, then simply select the screen or group of screens you wish to “take over” and send a live message with the click of a button.


Take over any screen

Our live system allows a permitted user to essentially ‘take over’ any screen or screens that they wish to and transmit real-time text announcements.

The type of message you display is completely customisable with access to a full RGB colour picker to choose your preferred background/text colour. You can even set an announcement style, so you can either have this displayed as full screen or as a ticker tape.


As always, it’s simple to use

The very nature of an announcement means they need to be made quickly and simply. Therefore, sending this triggered content within NowSignage couldn’t be easier. It’s as simple as clicking on the screens within the CMS that you’d like to push the message to, typing out your custom message and clicking send!

You can even preschedule announcements in advance as you have access to a full 12 month calendar to preselect dates/times you’d like to send your announcements at.


“We wanted a way to communicate the Oliver James brand internally, plus have a personal touch by wishing a colleague ‘happy birthday’ or congratulating them on a promotion. It’s all about building internal engagement within the company and NowSignage seem the best company to do this.”

Rebekah Valero-Lee, Head of Marketing at Morson Group

Tagging & permissions

Use our simple roles & permissions feature to limit which users can access the announcements feature.

You can even use our tagging system to simplify the announcements feature even further! Tags are free-text and can be assigned to any screen, for example, you could tag 10 screens with a ‘UK’ tag and then push a live announcement to all screens which contain that specific tag.