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Display targeted content based on real-time triggers such as age, gender, weather or sensors

NowSignage digital signage enables you to serve targeted real-time content through our existing  integrations with trigger-based technologies, such as Quividi, Videcon and Nexmosphere. NowSignage enables you at no extra-cost, to program your digital signage to change content based on demographic (age, gender), environmental factors (weather), or even customer interactions with products via sensor controls.

Target the age and gender of those who are looking at your screens

Through integrations with some of the leading ‘audience measurement platforms’, such as Quividi, NowSignage can trigger changes to the advertised content on a screen in real-time, based on not only the age and gender of your viewing audience demographic, but even based on their mood, attention time and facial attributes… A hipster with a beard is viewing the screen, sell him a beard grooming kit!


Content Triggers
Content Triggers

Advertise products based on changes in weather

NowSignage is currently developing an integration with a weather API to allow changes in temperature, or weather events, to trigger specific advertisements to be displayed on your digital signage screen. For example, advertise ice cream when the temperature reaches 25°C/77°F, or sell umbrellas when it starts raining!


Measure Audience Per Content (APC) analytics

By combining the NowSignage Proof-of-Play functionality with Quividi’s audience measurement data, we provide real-time APC analysis of exactly who is engaging with your campaigns directly through the NowSignage CMS.

This next level of analytical insight, makes it possible for marketeers to understand the effectiveness of their content in correlation to the impact it has on their viewers. With the AI engine accurately capturing data including your viewers’ age, gender, mood, etc, you can then compare this data against other advertisements in your network to gain insight on the size of the audience, potential viewers, and actual engagement ratios. If an ad is not getting enough attention, you can simply revise and replace it as required in real time, allowing marketing teams to instantly gauge how the content is working to attract the desired consumer groups and even how they feel about the content.

Content Triggers
Content Triggers

“We’re excited to introduce weather based triggers into our quick-service restaurants to deliver targeted sales promotions to our customers.”

Andreia Harwood, Head of Marketing at Wingstop

Content Triggers

Award-winning people counting sensor triggers

NowSignage has collaborated with leading technology partners to provide an effective way to manage in-store capacity and communicate with shoppers. Display specific products and services available to customers based on capacity and footfall data, for example, if an in-store service is currently not available, then direct the customer to the available online/phone/email service.


Lift & Learn digital signage content triggers

Transform any digital display into an engaging experience between the brand and the customer. Our integrations with leading sensor control devices offer the ability to create unique customer interactions directly with digital signage displays. Lift & Learn installations encourage a customer to pick-up the product to initiate digital content to be simultaneously triggered via the digital signage display screen, boosting the brand experience and providing more in-depth information about the product.


Content Triggers