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Send alerts to key people, notifying them when digital hand sanitizer levels are running low

In this post-Covid19 world, there are more and more digital hand sanitiser machines available to the market. NowSignage has developed the first application that allows users to set predefined alerts for when these machines are running low on liquids.

Full back-end reporting is available, which means users can clearly see which machines are getting, say, the most use and which ones may require the most ongoing maintenance.

A small solution to a big problem

In response to the global COVID-19 crisis, NowSignage developed a dispenser management solution that ensures that Hand Sanitiser Dispensers located in hospitals and public spaces are never empty.

NowSignage has done this by developing an integration with specific hand sanitiser units, this provides an enhanced level of hardware management. Events from the hand sanitisers are sent directly to the NowSignage CMS, allowing the user to have a full overview of the fill level of the sanitiser reservoir and access real-time data such as how many times the sanitiser has been used in a specific time range.

Dispenser Management
Dispenser Management

Send alerts when liquids run low

Our free-to-use application allows users to set parameters on all of their digital hand sanitiser machines across their estate. Setting this up takes seconds, and once done can be used to trigger alerts and notifications to whomever is tasked with maintaining the device.

Dispenser Management

“NowSignage are a lot more than a digital signage software, they also provide great support whenever we need it. Their easy to use platform allows us to deliver dynamic room pricing, drive footfall into our bars, and even equips us with free apps to ensure we comply with COVID legislations.”

John Cunningham, General Manager at DoubleTree by Hilton

Effective health & safety messaging

Users of our Dispenser Management application are of course still able to use all of NowSignage’s core features alongside the app, so getting important health & safety messaging, advertising, social posts or news to your audience via your digital dispensers has never been easier or more cost effective.

Dispenser Management
Dispenser Management

Powerful data & reporting

All data collated from dispensers across your network is stored in our secure, private cloud. You can then extract this data and download usage reports to better inform future decision making around effective positioning.


Free of charge, as always

Yes, of course there’s no additional costs. Simply activate the ‘Dispenser Management’ app in our app store, and if you’re using a compatible Hand Sanitiser Dispenser, NowSignage will send automatic notifications to notify you when your dispenser is running low.

Dispenser Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Dispenser management systems optimise operations by efficiently controlling and monitoring dispensing activities across diverse industries such as healthcare, hospitality, or retail. These systems enable automated tracking of inventory levels, accurate dispensing of products or supplies, and real-time insights into usage patterns. By streamlining dispensing processes, these management systems reduce waste, enhance inventory control, and ensure timely availability of essential items, ultimately improving operational efficiency and resource utilisation.

Implementing dispenser management systems involves critical considerations. Firstly, selecting systems that align with the specific needs and scale of the industry or organisation is crucial. Secondly, ensuring compatibility with existing infrastructure, such as dispensing equipment or inventory systems, facilitates seamless integration and deployment. Additionally, prioritising user-friendly interfaces and comprehensive training for staff ensures smooth adoption and efficient utilisation of the dispenser management systems.

Dispenser management technology significantly impacts inventory control and cost efficiency by providing real-time visibility and control over dispensing activities. These systems accurately track usage, monitor inventory levels, and automate replenishment processes. By preventing overuse or stockouts, dispenser management technology minimises waste and ensures optimal inventory levels. Furthermore, by providing data-driven insights into consumption patterns, these systems enable better decision-making regarding purchasing, leading to cost savings and improved inventory management. Ultimately, dispenser management technology enhances cost efficiency by optimising inventory control and reducing unnecessary expenses associated with dispensing operations.

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