Direct API integrations with a variety of Google products

Google Workspace is a suite of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products developed by Google. With over 2 billion users worldwide it is by far the largest provider of such solutions to the corporate world.

NowSignage is currently integrating with various Google Workspace products, to allow you to securely display your files across your digital signage network of screens. We aim to have a full API Integration completed later this year. For now, many Google Workspace products can be displayed through a public URL.

Secure integrations

NowSignage is currently developing several secure direct API integrations with elements of Google Workspace such as Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Calendar etc. This is a gradual rollout, beginning with the release of Google Sheets in Q1 2021.

These integrations will allow users to securely log into their Google Workspace accounts and share their documents/information directly to their digital signage screens, securely and privately. As this will be a full API integration with Google Workspace, you will be able to access your data in real-time without making these documents publicly available.

Google Workspace
Google Workspace

Regular platform upgrades

Our platform is constantly evolving and improving on a daily basis, as we roll out these features you can expect them to gradually appear within our in-platform App Store.

Once these features are rolled out, all you need to do is activate the app for free, sign in with your usual credentials and then select which reports, sheets or data you wish to display within your scheduled playlists.

Google Workspace

“As a daily user of the NowSignage CMS, I can confidently say it really is a marketer’s dream for automating content delivery. A wide array of features allows you to keep your signage dynamic and engaging with real-time content from live sources.”

Charlie Zammit, Account Manager

Simple to use and free of charge

As always, with all NowSignage features, the usage of any Google Workspace product will be released to all users free of charge.


Google Workspace