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Configure your hardware remotely without needing to be on-site

NowSignage is often integrated into a digital signage network alongside existing ‘Remote Hardware Management’ softwares such as TeamViewer. The use of additional software will allow you to push application updates remotely to the screen and also view the live content which is being displayed on a screen.

Additionally, NowSignage offers a degree of hardware management within the CMS, allowing you to remotely configure your screen settings such as the screen scaling or it’s orientation.

Monitor your hardware remotely

NowSignage gives you a full overview of your estate of digital signage screens, we receive live data directly from the screen, so you will always have an overview of your screen’s active status and what content it is currently playing.

Users can even access our Proof of Play feature which offers total visibility of exactly when and where any particular asset was displayed and for precisely how long within a specific time period.

Hardware Management
Hardware Management

Adjust screen settings without the need to be ‘on-site’

Directly within the NowSignage CMS, you can quickly adjust the settings of any of your digital signage screens. If you need to scale your content onto an uncommon screen size (such as a video wall) you can alter the screen width/height within NowSignage to override the size of the canvas the app will draw to.

It’s even possible to manually override any screen’s orientation which will force the NowSignage app to display your content in a specific orientation such as portrait. These settings can be altered within a matter of seconds.

Hardware Management

“By automating the operational aspects of your digital signage, NowSignage allows you to focus on displaying quality content that boost signage performance and communicates your messages.”

Tom Ross, Commercial Director

Additional features to be added on demand

The NowSignage platform is ever evolving and always improving and as such, we can look at developing any additional hardware management features on demand.

Just get in touch if this is required for a specific project and NowSignage can look into adding additional functionality to monitor various aspects of the live display, patch outdated software, push updates, and gather valuable information in one central location.

Hardware Management