The World’s First and Only Integration With Microsoft Power BI

NowSignage was the first and the only digital signage platform on the market to develop a full and direct integration with Microsoft Power BI that enables users to display BI reports privately and securely. This world-first piece of innovation is now available, completely free of charge for all users. This can even be displayed on a windows digital signage or other screen.

With all other CMS providers the only way for a Microsoft Power BI User to display a report on digital signage is to display it via a publicly available URL. Businesses are of course reluctant to do this, and as such aren’t getting full value from what is a critical tool for their business.

Instant & secure access to all your reports

Accessing your reports couldn’t be simpler. Simply activate this app from the NowSignage in-platform app store and then connect using your Microsoft credentials. Through this secure integration, NowSignage enables users to load their workspaces and choose which reports to make available for usage on your digital signage screens.

When reports are made available, NowSignage communicates with Power BI to generate an encrypted embed access token which allows our CMS to access the report on a secure shared capacity. This embed token will automatically refresh itself and generate a new secure token every 5 minutes, this is done to ensure that the token cannot be compromised or accessed in any way.

Microsoft Power BI with windows digital signage
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Simple solution to a complex problem!

Historically, with ALL other CMS providers it has not been possible to display Power BI reports without making those reports publicly available. When it comes to displaying private business intelligence or confidential financial data, it is incomprehensible for companies to knowingly generate these private reports as a public links for the sole purpose of displaying this content on their office screens – these links can end up visible on search engines such as Google, accessible to anyone in the world.

NowSignage is the first Digital Signage CMS to fix this problem by developing a full API integration with Microsoft Power BI which allows you to securely share your reports without any visible public access, or requirement to display a shareable url.

Microsoft Power BI with windows digital signage

“Digital signage was the perfect tool to broadcast our live metrics and targets to our employees across the globe. NowSignage were the only offering we found that could provide a secure solution to PowerBI on digital signage, and we are delighted with the result.”

Sean Paul Bradley, Continuous Improvement Director at Robert Walters

A true & proper integration

This world-first integration with Microsoft facilitates the use of their market leading Power BI product, to make it accessible for use in digital signage, without any compromise on security or performance. A user must hold a valid Power BI Pro licence to enable the required access to private workspaces.

Our platform’s infrastructure is hosted via Amazon’s AWS, in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) so you can be confident that your Power BI reports are fully safe and secure. The use of a VPC essentially mitigates the risk of a third party being able to exfiltrate data from our databases through the public internet.

Microsoft Power BI with windows digital signage
Microsoft Power BI with windows digital signage

Display critical data to any screen

Businesses consume data at such volume, therefore, It is imperative to cut through the noise and succinctly present business critical information to a relevant audience at a time and place that allows them to make informed decisions, or instil success. Combining Power BI with NowSignage enables businesses to broadcast this data across their office screens, putting insight exactly where their employees can’t miss it.

Touch enabled for full interaction

Broadcasting static reports to your screens is of course of huge benefit. But where our Power BI integration really comes into its own is in boardrooms and for presentations.

Our Power BI add-on allows users to interact fully with their BI reports via their touch-enabled displays with the ability to zoom in and out, adjust and filter reports in real-time.

Microsoft Power BI with windows digital signage
Microsoft Power BI with windows digital signage

Free of charge for all users

Like all of NowSignage’s premium features, this unique BI Integration is now included within your license fee. Yes, really.