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Redefine Digital Signage using smart content scheduling

Unlike all other Digital Signage CMS providers, our multi-zone layouts are added to a schedule, rather than tied to a specific screen. This allows users to have complete flexibility over the layout of their screens at any time, with the click of a button, without the need for overly complicated ‘trigger’ systems or manual overrides. Redefine Digital Signage using smart content scheduling, you can even schedule layouts to automatically adjust based on the time of day or day of the week.


Fully customisable layouts

All layouts within NowSignage are fully dynamic and customisable, so you can be confident that you will find your ideal layout. Our layout creation tool allows you to easily adjust both the positioning of your content and it’s aspect ratio.

Once you have created your ideal layout there’s no need to reconfigure again as NowSignage will automatically save and store any custom layouts. You can then access your layout again at any point in the future with minimal effort.


Display live capacity alongside a variety of content

Activate our Capacity Management App and display a live capacity dashboard on your digital signage display. There are no limitations as the dashboard can be displayed within any of our layouts alongside a wide variety of content.

A user in Retail or Hospitality may want to display the live people count alongside promotional content relating to sales or offers. Or maybe you are in the Education sector and want to display the live people count alongside school notices/safety messaging. The opportunities are endless!


“NowSignage have been instrumental in helping us to become innovative in the way we communicate with our team. Now we can display live TV channels alongside internal communications.”

Briony Gough, Event Manager at The Pensions Regulator

Multiple options for your multiple zones

All features within NowSignage are fully compatible to be displayed in any of your content zones. You can combine a variety of content in separate zones such as images, videos and live news, allowing your content to seamlessly blend together to create an eye catching digital experience.

Most users tend to display things such as BBC News, alongside weather and traffic updates, all of which are pre-loaded and easily selected within the CMS to be displayed in any of your dynamic zones.


Advanced scheduling for layouts

NowSignage offers access to 4 predefined multi zone layout templates, where you can split the screen into up to 4 separate zones of content. You can either choose a predefined template or even customise the templates as they are fully dynamic.

It’s also possible to update and control the layout of content on any screen at the click-of-a-button. Even allowing users to schedule layouts to automatically adjust based on the time of day or day of the week. For example, during business hours you could use a multi zone to display capacity management information alongside ads and other content. On evenings or weekends, these screens could display just adverts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Multi-zone layouts offer versatility by dividing the screen into different sections, allowing simultaneous display of various content types like videos, images, text, and live feeds. This approach maximises engagement by presenting diverse information at once, enhancing viewer interest and information retention. Additionally, it enables targeted messaging, delivering tailored content to specific demographics or locations within the same display, thereby increasing relevance and effectiveness.

To optimise multi-zone layouts, businesses should focus on content balance, ensuring that each zone serves a purpose without overwhelming viewers. Design consistency across zones maintains visual harmony while using contrasting content types, such as pairing static text with dynamic videos, to attract attention. Tailoring content to suit the viewing environment and audience preferences is crucial for optimal engagement. Employing cloud-based content management systems allows for easy content updates and scheduling across different zones, ensuring timely and relevant displays.

Best practices for multi-zone layouts involve strategic planning and design. Prioritise content hierarchy, placing essential information in prominent zones for maximum visibility and comprehension. Maintain a clear visual flow by using grids or templates to organise zones, aiding coherence and readability. Consistent branding elements across zones create a unified experience while enabling individual zones to convey specific messages effectively. Lastly, consider the viewing distance and angle when placing content within each zone to ensure readability and optimal viewing experiences for the audience. Regularly analysing audience engagement metrics helps refine and improve the effectiveness of multi-zone layouts over time.

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