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Schedule an automatic content takeover across your screen network

Use the NowSignage platform to schedule content to override your existing playlists. Scheduled overrides can be a single piece of content, or a playlist of multiple pieces of content. Choose which playlists you want and at what frequency you want them to be shown. After the override content has finished playing, your screens will automatically revert back to showing their previously scheduled content.


The overrides feature offers an ideal solution for fulfilling all your advertising requirements.

You can display selected adverts on your screens at specific times, making it easy to meet requirements of third-party advertisers. Overrides simplifies the process by eliminating the need to frequently modify your playlists. With overrides, users can ensure that advertisements will play at the exact times that they are required to be shown. Override examples include displaying a 15 second promotional video once an hour every Monday to Friday, or displaying an alert message every Friday at 10am from 1st January to 31st May.

Overrides benefit businesses with screen-synchronised menu boards.

Digital menu boards can be overridden with splash videos or images that spread across multiple screens. Users can schedule content at specific times to show any limited-time offers, product details, or general promotions. Screens showing static price lists can be enhanced through override content to engage with customers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Overrides in digital signage provide administrators with the ability to make immediate changes to displayed content or scheduling outside of predefined settings. These overrides allow for instant adjustments, such as emergency messages, unscheduled promotions, or urgent updates, regardless of the regular content schedule. Overrides serve as a powerful tool for immediate content changes, ensuring timely and relevant information is displayed when necessary, even if it deviates from the scheduled content.

Implementing overrides in digital signage systems requires careful planning and consideration of several factors. Firstly, establishing clear protocols and approval processes for initiating overrides ensures that only authorised personnel can make unplanned content changes. Secondly, ensuring compatibility and seamless integration of override functionalities within content management systems or software solutions facilitates quick and effortless adjustments. Additionally, having predefined templates or emergency content ready for overrides ensures consistency and relevancy in unplanned messaging.

Overrides significantly impact responsiveness and adaptability in digital signage content management by providing a means to swiftly address unexpected or time-sensitive situations. The ability to execute immediate content changes or schedule overrides ensures that critical information, such as emergency alerts or sudden promotions, can be communicated promptly to the audience. This agility in content management enhances the adaptability of digital signage systems, enabling them to react promptly to unforeseen circumstances or opportunities without disrupting the regular content schedule. Overrides, therefore, contribute to the overall responsiveness and effectiveness of digital signage in delivering timely and relevant messages to the audience.

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