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Best-in-class ability to grant Roles and Permissions to individual users within the platform

NowSignage has developed the easiest to use Permissions tool on the market today. Each key feature within the CMS is itemised. Simply the tag the user in question against which features you wish them to have access too.

For example, somebody at “HQ” might have permission to drop any asset on to any screen anywhere in the network, whereas a local manager might only have access to, say, local bus time tables, weather and traffic on their own local screen.

Roles & Permissions

Take Control of Permissions

NowSignage has developed one of the most advanced Roles & Permissions features on the market anywhere today. This means that you are able to easily restrict or grant hugely varying levels of access to the CMS to different users.


Roles & Permissions
Roles & Permissions

Fully customisable roles

There are a number of predefined role profiles that you can simply tag your users to. We all know, however, that there are examples when you need a little more flexibility. As such, we have created a best-in-class role creation tool, where you have a full list of all the features available within our CMS and you simply need to click on what features you’d like that role to have access to.

Roles & Permissions

“Their platform is easy for a non-technical person to manage and gives us great control over what and when we display content on our screens. It was also important that due to the high volume of financial transactions taking place within our venues the security of the chosen solution was a key factor in our final decision.”

Patrick Cumiskey, Marketing Manager at Admiral

Advanced Tagging

Users are able to tag specific users, a screen/screens or individual pieces of content against any tag they so wish. For example, you could ‘tag’ a specific user with any free-text tag of your choosing, which means allocating permissions or content to that user takes just seconds. The whole process makes managing a large network of screens and users easier than ever before.


Roles & Permissions
Roles & Permissions

Allow different users to control different zones

When using a multi-zone layout on a digital signage system, you can assign different users to each zone. This helps enterprise businesses control user permissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Roles and permissions in digital signage systems establish hierarchical access levels, allowing administrators to control who can create, edit, or publish content. Assigning roles ensures that content creation, scheduling, and management responsibilities are distributed among team members according to their roles, enhancing efficiency and maintaining content consistency.

Roles and permissions are critical for ensuring security and compliance in digital signage networks. They help enforce access controls, limiting access to sensitive data or settings only to authorised personnel. By assigning specific permissions based on job roles, organisations can prevent unauthorised changes, protect sensitive information, and maintain compliance with data protection regulations.

Optimising roles and permissions for collaborative content creation involves assigning granular permissions that align with different team members’ responsibilities. For instance, designers may have content creation permissions, while marketers might have approval rights. This collaborative approach streamlines workflows, facilitates content review processes, and ensures that content is created, reviewed, and published efficiently while maintaining quality and consistency.

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