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Integrate room booking dashboards into digital signage

Room Booking and Room Management capabilities are a growing requirement for many corporate, education and hospitality sectors. Through the NowSignage integration with GoBright and other room booking software, you can now check the availability of meeting rooms and book your room within seconds, via digital signage displays located at entrances or outside conference rooms

Display room booking information on tablets and displays

By placing touch screen tablets or displays outside your meeting room, and activating our free-to-use GoBright integration, you are able to display your room booking dashboards to show immediately whether the room is free (green) or occupied (red). You can even show how long the meeting will last and if a next meeting is scheduled afterwards.


Room Booking
Room Booking

Make instant room bookings through interactive signage

Allow visitors and staff to check the availability of a room and make an instant booking through fully interactive dashboards. NowSignage integrates with a variety of room booking software, allowing you to use your existing internal systems to visualise your dashboards on any interactive digital signage displays through NowSignage


Schedule content when and where you want

NowSignage puts you in control of your content scheduling, meaning that you’re always targeting information to a specific group, in the right place, at the right time.

Digital signage is an essential part of the modern communication strategy for every organisation, and NowSignage gives you the flexibility to schedule and display content exactly when and where you need it. For example, if a room isn’t in operation then you can stop displaying room booking dashboards and schedule other relevant messaging to your audience

Room Booking
Room Booking

“NowSignage are a lot more than a digital signage software, they also provide great support whenever we need it. Their easy to use platform allows us to deliver dynamic room pricing, drive footfall into our bars, and even equips us with free apps to ensure we comply with COVID legislations.”

John Cunningham, General Manager at DoubleTree by Hilton

Room Booking

Reception wayfinding to display live room availability

Provide real-time information about booked meeting rooms and display the actual occupation status of all rooms at a glance through wayfinding capabilities. The NowSignage digital signage platform enables you to display GoBright Wayfinding dashboards, meaning that you can implement wayfinding displays in the reception area or at the entrance of each floor, and manage your visitor flow throughout the building, all via the NowSignage CMS. It’s also possible to visualise which direction the meeting rooms are located and which upcoming meetings are planned


Flexible multi-zone layouts

Integrate room booking and wayfinding dashboards with NowSignage digital signage to get maximum results with this powerful combination. Using the advanced multi-zone layouts available in NowSignage, you can utilise your entrance screens for multiple purposes such as displaying wayfinding information, alongside marketing comms and the latest public health safety messages


Room Booking
Room Booking

Real-time floorplan maps for desk availability

Mapping gives employees a visual display of the entire office all presented on screen as a touch-enabled map. The NowSignage integration with GoBright Mapping, allows you to transform your touch screens into a fully interactive experience. Mapping gives employees and visitors a visual display of the building’s entire desk space allowing them to check the availability of meeting rooms and desks on each floor


Frequently Asked Questions

Digital signage for room bookings streamlines the scheduling process by displaying real-time availability, upcoming bookings, and room details outside each space. Integrated with booking systems, it allows employees to view and reserve rooms on the spot, reducing conflicts and improving meeting room utilisation.

Digital signage for room bookings in educational settings provides students and faculty with instant access to room availability, class schedules, and event bookings. It helps manage resources efficiently, reduces scheduling conflicts, and enhances communication by displaying room-specific information and updates.

In hospitality, digital signage for room bookings enables guests to view and reserve available facilities, such as meeting rooms, spa sessions, or dining spaces. Real-time updates on room availability and interactive displays streamline the booking process, allowing for seamless scheduling and enhancing guest satisfaction by providing convenient access to services.

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