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NowSignage allows users to send RSS News Feeds to Digital Signage Hardware

RSS news feeds can be created in a matter of minutes and sent to your digital signage hardware via our RSS feed builder.

Using of digital signage software we provide you have full compatibility with any RSS web feed, so you can easily get access to all the major news sources and aggregate this content to a single feed.

Make it easier to broadcast to individual screen, to teams or different areas within your premises via your digital signage network.


Search Targeted Content

One of the biggest challenges with digital signage is ensuring content is up to date and relevant. Our RSS news feed tool allows you to pull content from a plethora of sites that already exist, so you don’t have to create content from scratch.

RSS News Feeds to Digital Signage Hardware
RSS News Feeds to Digital Signage Hardware

Real-time news updates

It’s well known that people “tune out” of digital signage when they aren’t seeing content that is relevant to them. With RSS feeds your Finance teams could see finance news, sales floors can be kept abreast of news across their vertical markets and visitors can be served up, say, current affairs and news. All in real-time, direct from sources that you trust.


RSS News Feeds to Digital Signage Hardware
“NowSignage is so easy to use and working with them is a delight. One feature that has become particularly useful is the ability to login to the platform, upload images with captions and then broadcast these posts into our live Twitter Wall and news displays.”

Briony Gough, Event Manager at The Pensions Regulator

It’s free and easy to use

NowSignage has developed direct, single-sign-on API integrations with all 5 of the major social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin & YouTube. Our integrations are secure, stable and easy to use.

RSS News Feeds to Digital Signage Hardware
RSS News Feeds to Digital Signage Hardware

Custom Designs and templates

Once you’ve selected the various news sources and feeds that you wish to publish, you need to decide how you want it to looks on those screens. NowSignage provides the ability to design full bespoke templates with your own branding or themes. Or, you can simply choose from one of the templates we provide for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

RSS news feeds can be seamlessly integrated into digital signage systems to deliver real-time, dynamic content. By leveraging RSS feed readers or integrations with digital signage software, businesses can display live news updates, headlines, or customised content sourced from various news sources. This integration allows for automated content updates, ensuring fresh and relevant information on digital signage displays without manual intervention.

Integrating RSS news feeds enriches digital signage by providing up-to-date, curated content that keeps audiences informed and engaged. It adds a dynamic element to displays, attracting attention and encouraging audience interaction. RSS feeds enable businesses to tailor content based on specific interests or industries, allowing for targeted messaging and enhancing the relevance of information displayed. Additionally, by displaying current news or relevant updates, it positions the signage as a valuable source of information, enhancing its value to viewers.

To optimise the use of RSS news feeds, businesses should first identify their target audience’s interests and preferences. Selecting reputable and relevant news sources ensures credibility and aligns with the audience’s expectations. Implementing filters or customization options within the RSS feed integration helps curate content specific to the intended audience. Designing templates that blend well with the overall signage layout ensures a cohesive visual experience. Additionally, scheduling frequent updates and ensuring smooth transitions between news items maintains audience engagement and prevents content stagnation. Regularly reviewing and updating RSS sources to align with current trends and interests keeps the content fresh and appealing to viewers.

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