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Configure content to play screen sync across your screen network

Screen synchronisation is an ideal tool for large format, high resolution video walls, menu boards or shelf edge displays.

NowSignage are currently developing a cutting edge solution, due for release in 2022, this feature will allow for content playback across screens running on SoC or individual media players on a network. Media players can play individual media or part of a multi screen animation in perfect synchronisation.

Screen Synchronisation

Seamlessly sync your content

By assigning screens into a ‘sync group’, a user will then nominate a ‘master’ screen to act as the timekeeper, allowing all other screens in this sync group to adjust their time to synchronise with the ‘master’.


Screen Synchronisation
Screen Synchronisation

Flexibility and scalability

Our unique solution will provide the flexibility to not only improve deployment scalability, but also give the user the power to easily configure their content playback to achieve any desired result;

  • SPLIT – Divide your content to seamlessly distribute across any video wall or display arrangement.
  • MIRROR – Play the same content in perfect sync across your multiple screen arrangement.
  • SWITCH – Display different content across all your screens but configure them to sync together.
Screen Synchronisation

“By automating the operational aspects of your digital signage, NowSignage allows you to focus on displaying quality content that boost signage performance and communicates your messages.”

Tom Ross, Commercial Director

A cutting edge feature, at no extra cost

Screen sync, as with all NowSignage features, comes out the box, completely free of charge for all users!

Screen Synchronisation

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Dynamic content in digital signage, such as videos, animations, or interactive elements, significantly boosts audience engagement. Its ability to capture attention, convey information in an engaging manner, and adapt to real-time data or audience interactions creates an immersive experience that keeps viewers interested and involved.

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