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Secure Dashboards is a feature that enables the secure and hassle-free display of password protected webpages.

With this feature, users can input their login details for a specific webpage which are then securely stored within NowSignage. This means that if businesses need to show private webpages at various times, the system will be able to do so without a user needing to input their credentials into a display. This means that no usernames and passwords ever need to be stored on the device, therefore increasing security. 

Secure Dashboards

Continue to view dashboards offline.

To ensure a hassle free experience with secure dashboards, this feature will also work when displays are in offline mode. This means that businesses can continue to view the last known data on their displays, even if they are offline.

Secure Dashboards
Secure Dashboards

Effortlessly display password-protected web pages without compromising security.

With NowSignage’s advanced features, users can seamlessly enter their login credentials for specific websites. Once inputted, these credentials are securely stored within the platform and fortified with advanced encryption measures for more protection. This ensures that your sensitive data remains confidential and safe at all times.