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Create experiential environments using sensor triggers

Nexmosphere are industry leaders in creating digital engaging experiences. NowSignage integrate with Nexmosphere products meaning that their sensors can trigger a content change to take place on screen. Their collection of sensors and controls offers the ability to create unique interactive journeys wherever Digital Signage is applied. Content Triggers take place immediately and override the existing content playing on a screen, then revert back after
the triggered content finishes.

Sensor Triggers
Sensor Triggers

Engage customers with Lift & Learn.

Attach pick-up sensors to products in a retail environment, so that when a customer picks up a product the screens around them change to provide advertising and information about the object in their hands. The sensors connect wirelessly, creating a seamless interactive experience between your customers and products.

Trigger content using motion sensors.

Detect when a customer enters a space and trigger content to begin playing as they enter. This can help to draw someone’s attention to a screen, and ensure that they catch the start of a video.

Sensor Triggers
Sensor Triggers

Nexmosphere also provide button sensors.

Content can be triggered using a physical button. Put control into the hands of a user or staff memeber. This could be used to trigger a safety video, a product demo, or any other form of content. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Sensor triggers in digital signage introduce a dynamic element by detecting and responding to environmental cues or user interactions. Sensors, such as motion sensors, proximity sensors, or ambient light sensors, enable signage to react to changes in the environment. For example, motion sensors can trigger content playback when a viewer approaches, creating interactive and responsive displays. These triggers enhance user experience, optimise energy consumption by activating displays only when needed, and provide contextual and timely information based on detected conditions.

Implementing sensor triggers requires consideration of several factors. Firstly, selecting appropriate sensors based on the desired interactions or environmental conditions is crucial. Secondly, ensuring seamless integration of sensors with content management systems or signage software to trigger relevant content changes or actions is essential for a cohesive user experience. Additionally, accurately calibrating sensor sensitivity and placement for optimal performance in different environments ensures reliable detection and responsiveness.

The integration of sensor triggers significantly impacts user engagement by creating interactive and personalised experiences. Sensor-triggered interactions capture attention and encourage user participation, making the signage more engaging and memorable. For instance, sensors that trigger content based on user proximity or gestures prompt users to interact actively with the display, fostering a more immersive experience. This level of interactivity increases user engagement, extends dwell time, and creates a positive impression, enhancing the overall effectiveness of digital signage in delivering messages or promotions to the audience.

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