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Engage users with interactive content by a simple tap on the screen

Touch Hotspots is an ideal feature where touch screen devices are used within any sector. This feature allows a screen to display playlisted content when it is not in use, which then changes to a touch enabled web page of your choice once the screen is activated by touch. When the screen becomes inactive after a set period of time, the screen will revert back to the playlisted content. NowSignage is fully touch enabled as long as the hardware used for your screens is.

Touch Hotspots
Touch Hotspots

Customise your hotspot

Whether you use touch screen devices for your team or customers, customisation is always important to a brand. That is why our feature is fully customisable by users. This means that if you require a button on your touch screen, this can be changed to fit your brand colours and font to ensure consistency for your business.

Touch hotspots have a whole range of use cases.

Using touch hotspots is a must-have feature for businesses using touchscreen technology in any sector. By utilising touch hotspots, you are able to start communicating with users as soon as they are in front of the device. This can be a powerful tool for displaying digital menu boards in quick-service-restaurants, important information for guests checking-in to to hotels, health and safety guidelines for employees, or wayfinding maps/information to help users navigate their way around a venue.

Touch Hotspots