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Display targeted content depending on changes in weather

Create a set of weather triggers within the NowSignage platform, that will automatically override content on a playlist. Set this up by inputting the exact location of your screen and choosing which weather triggers you wish to use and what content you want them to play. NowSignage takes live data from OpenWeather API, and uses this to trigger your content.

Weather Triggers
Weather Triggers

Trigger content when the temperature changes

Define a temperature range, and a playlist of content you wish for this to trigger. You can set up any number of different triggers that will all take place automatically. When the outside temperature changes, so will your signage! For example, trigger cold drink advertisements when the temperature reaches above 20 degrees.

Define specific weather conditions to cause a content trigger.

Choose from a selection of specific weather conditions; Thunderstorm, rain, drizzle, clear, cloudy, and snowing. You could use this to invite someone inside for a hot drink to escape the rain, or a cold pint of lager in the beer garden under clear skies!

Weather Triggers