Digital Signage for Digital out of Home

Supreme reliability, proof-of-play reports and unlimited storage make NowSignage the first choice for DOOH

Displaying advertising in public spaces requires an extremely robust and highly secure CMS, which is exactly where NowSignage excels.

Our security infrastructure is something we take great pride in, as is our almost 100% uptime stats since 2013.

When you combine this level of security and reliability with our proof-of-play features and associated reporting capabilities, it means that selecting NowSignage for DOOH use is an easy decision.

Digital out of home


With fully customisable size and resolution outputs, NowSignage is an ideal choice to power billboards of all weird and wonderful sizes. The secure nature of our platform, our proof of play features, reporting and ‘data-light’ upload of content means we are ideal for billboards in remote locations or low maintenance environments.

Digital out of home
Digital out of home

Schedule and nested playlists

Setup your advertising slots and populate with your paid-for content. Depending on how your ad space is sold and on the number of billboards in your estate, NowSignage provides the flexible scheduling to either show the same adverts on multiple screens, or different adverts on to each screen.

Screen configuration and setup

Whether you’re looking to set up a super-sized outdoor billboard or eye-catching panoramic video wall on a high street, with NowSignage it is simple to set any output resolution to ensure your advertising is displayed pixel perfect. No matter what your screen configuration!

Digital out of home
Digital out of home


Almost all DOOH operations require the ability to demonstrate whether or not a particular piece of content has been displayed, on what screens and for how long, to monitor the success or failure of a particular campaign or product.

NowSignage proof of play functionality allows users to pull off and export detailed reports for internal stakeholders easily and, crucially, unlike other providers, at no extra cost.

Localised ads

Users are able to display content that is local and specific to a specific audience in a specific location. In addition to local campaigns through static ads and videos, NowSignage’s social media tools can be used to engage daily and directly with your audiences.

Digital out of home
Digital out of home

“We chose NowSignage as our digital service providers because of their robust and cost-effective cloud based digital signage platform. Throughout the project, Nick and the wider team have delivered a high quality product and service and we look forward to our continued partnership.”

Cllr Phil Riley at Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council

Hardware agnostic

We became a little tired of seeing CMS providers essentially forcing users to purchase a particular piece of hardware or media player in order to merely get their software to work!

We also know that industrial environments often require hardware that can operate in extreme conditions, so often factories will have a diverse range of differing brands and specifications.

So, 2019 NowSignage became the very first digital signage CMS to become genuinely hardware-agnostic through a single codebase, so NowSignage should simply work.

Digital out of home
Digital out of home

Reliable and robust

NowSignage is incredibly stable and incredibly secure with a near 100% uptime over a 5 year period. Even in environments where connectivity is patchy or unstable, our seamless offline playback feature has you covered and ensure that no screen powered by NowSignage will ever go blank.

Digital out of home

Support and ease of use

NowSignage is what you might call a “self-serve” platform. Essentially, that means the platform is easy enough to use, and reliable enough, that you shouldn’t really need much support from us anyway. However, NowSignage always ensures that the very best support is available, should you need it.

We have a plethora of self-help video content which should answer just about any question you might have. And if you can’t, don’t worry, there is always a human being you can speak to as well.

Digital out of home


We put security at the heart of everything we do, which is why we are the CMS choice for educational facilities all over the world.

All data sent to the screens is encrypted and fingerprinted against known assets. Our platform is used by some of the biggest and most-trusted brands and as such we hold security and compliance in the highest regard. We pride ourselves on maintaining and implementing the correct and latest security processes across all aspects of our platform and we work towards ISO27001 standards.

Digital out of home

Roles and permissions

Within NowSignage you can invite unlimited users to access your account. When inviting a user, there are a number of predefined role profiles that you can simply tag your users to. We all know, however, that there are examples when you need a little more flexibility. As such, we have created a best-in-class role creation tool, where you have a full list of all the features available within our CMS and you simply need to click on what features you’d like that role to have access to.

How much control you give a user is completely up to you! For example, a head of marketing at HQ might have the ability to ‘drop’ any asset on to any screen within your digital signage network. Whereas a local franchise manager may only be able to control, say, social media and local advertising images/videos on their local screen.