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Digital Signage for Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH)

Reduce the workload of paper billboards and increase your maximum reach potential with digital signage

// Provide evidence that adverts have played with Proof-of-Play analytics

// Incorporate targeted campaigns based on demographics

// Have complete control over multiple locations from one account

// Use content triggers to change adverts based on the weather

// Ensure content plays in time across displays with screen synchronization

Digital Out-of-Home (DooH)

Proof of Play

Proof of Play is a critical feature in DOOH advertising that provides data on when content has been displayed and how frequently. This can be a useful tool when content triggers are being used. Having access to the data can help optimise marketing strategies and understand how well campaigns are working.

Digital Out-of-Home (DooH)
Digital Out-of-Home (DooH)

Remote Device Management

Control the hardware functions of all your screens remotely from a central location. This can be useful for powering off displays when not in use, and for installing app updates across large networks. RDM saves the need to send out engineers or leave device management in the hands of staff members.

Touch Hotspots

Utilise touch hotspots on DooH displays to enable interactivity between viewers and your content. Passers by can engage with advertisements, access additional information, or make selections using touch displays, providing a more personalised experience.

Digital Out-of-Home (DooH)
Digital Out-of-Home (DooH)


This powerful feature allows advertisers or content managers to make changes to the displayed content at a specified time of day, which then reverts back to the original playlist after it has played. This can be a useful feature for brand takeovers or emergency messaging.

Image & Video

Utilise digital signage in your business by using eye-catching images and videos to showcase your products. NowSignage supports 4K images and videos, with unlimited file hosting on our cloud server at no additional cost.

Digital Out-of-Home (DooH)
Digital Out-of-Home (DooH)

“We chose NowSignage as our digital service providers because of their robust and cost-effective cloud based digital signage platform. Throughout the project, Nick and the wider team have delivered a high quality product and service and we look forward to our continued partnership.”

Cllr Phil Riley at Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council

Digital Out-of-Home (DooH)

Social Media

Social media integration is a powerful tool that can display real-time social feeds, customer reviews and user-generated content. This can help build trust amongst your customers and provides an entertaining way of showing your products and brand identity.

Weather Triggers

Weather triggers for DooH is an extremely powerful feature that enables content on screens to adjust based on real-time weather conditions. For instance, a display could promote hot beverages on a cold day or sunscreen on a sunny one. Weather triggers ensure that advertisements are contextually relevant and effective.

Digital Out-of-Home (DooH)
Digital Out-of-Home (DooH)

Age & Gender Triggers

This advanced feature allows content to trigger using facial recognition technology to deliver targeted content based on the demographics of passers by. This allows advertisers to tailor their campaigns to specific ages and genders, increasing their impact and relevancy.

Digital Billboards

Advertise on a large scale with digital billboards. Perfect for built up urban areas, motorways, and large events spaces. NowSignage allows you to manage any number of screens through one platform.

Digital Out-of-Home (DooH)
Digital Out-of-Home (DooH)

Freestanding Totems

A compact, and versatile option for DooH customers. Digital totems can easily be picked up and placed in different areas to serve different purposes. Their slim design also ensures they use up minimal floor space.

Digital Adshels

Advertise in the places with the most footfall, installing digital screens onto existing street furniture including bus stops, outdoor trash cans, and phone boxes.

Digital Out-of-Home (DooH)
Digital Out-of-Home (DooH)

Digital Posters

Engage audiences in public areas with dynamic displays showcasing a range of promotions and adverts across multiple screens. Ideal solutions for high-footfall areas like train stations and airports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital advertising is crucial in today’s highly competitive business landscape because it offers unparalleled reach, targeting capabilities, and measurable results. Unlike traditional advertising methods, digital advertising allows businesses to connect with their target audience on a global scale, breaking down geographical barriers and reaching potential customers across various demographics.

One of the key reasons digital advertising is essential is its ability to target specific audiences based on factors such as age, location, interests, and online behaviour. This targeted approach ensures that ads are shown to the right people, increasing the likelihood of conversions and maximising the return on investment. With digital advertising platforms, businesses can create highly personalised and relevant campaigns, resonating with individual consumers and enhancing their overall brand experience.

Digital advertising provides valuable insights and analytics that enable businesses to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns in real-time. Through metrics such as clicks, impressions, and conversion rates, advertisers can analyse the performance of their ads and make data-driven decisions to optimise their strategies. This level of transparency allows businesses to allocate their marketing budget more effectively, ensuring that every dollar spent delivers tangible results.

In today’s digital age, where consumers spend a significant amount of time online, digital advertising serves as a powerful tool to increase brand visibility, drive website traffic, and boost sales. By leveraging the vast reach and precision targeting capabilities of digital advertising, businesses can stay ahead of the competition and connect with their audience in meaningful ways, ultimately driving business growth and success.

Yes, digital billboards are undeniably superior in various aspects, making them a compelling choice for modern advertising strategies. Their dynamic, high-resolution displays capture attention more effectively than static billboards, ensuring that the message is visually striking and memorable. Unlike traditional billboards, digital ones allow for easy and quick content updates, enabling advertisers to adapt their messaging in real-time to suit changing trends or promotions. This flexibility ensures that the information displayed remains relevant and engaging, enhancing the overall impact of the advertisement.

Additionally, digital billboards offer precise targeting capabilities. Advertisers can schedule specific ads to appear at particular times of the day or week, reaching the right audience at the right moment. This strategic approach maximises the effectiveness of the ad campaign, leading to higher engagement and potential conversions.

Digital billboards contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing paper waste and minimising the need for constant physical replacements. Their energy-efficient LED technology also aligns with eco-friendly initiatives.

Digital billboards also provide valuable data and analytics, allowing advertisers to measure the performance of their campaigns accurately. This data-driven approach enables businesses to refine their strategies, ensuring optimal results and a higher return on investment (ROI).

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising stands as a cost-effective alternative to traditional outdoor marketing. Its effectiveness lies in targeted placements that ensure messages reach specific demographics, optimising spending by focusing on high-traffic areas where the intended audience frequents.

Digital OOH offers flexibility in content scheduling and adjustments, allowing for dynamic, real-time campaigns. The ability to track impressions and audience engagement metrics provides valuable insights into campaign performance, enabling adjustments for better effectiveness.

The scalability of digital OOH ads further enhances cost efficiency. Advertisers can start with smaller campaigns and expand strategically based on performance metrics, ensuring maximum impact while controlling costs.

Additionally, the advancements in technology enable creative and interactive content, amplifying audience engagement without incurring excessive costs. Dynamic content variations and geo-targeting capabilities ensure that the right message reaches the right audience at the right time, optimising ad spend for maximum impact.

Ultimately, the precision targeting, adaptability, and interactive potential of digital OOH advertising contribute significantly to its cost-effectiveness, making it an attractive choice for businesses seeking impactful outdoor campaigns within budget constraints.

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