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Digital Signage for Live Events

Elevate engagement from event attendees with dynamic digital signage.

// Display sponsors logos and advertisements at events
// Integrate social media walls to show fan uploaded content
// Use content triggers to change what is being displayed
// Control overcrowding with capacity management
// Increase revenue with dynamic pricing at food and drink outlets

Live Events

Social Media

Utilising social media is a strong feature to engage with fans during live events. It enables event organisers to display user-generated content, real-time social media feeds and event-related hashtags on screens. This is a great way to enhance audience engagement by encouraging attendees to share their experiences in a dynamic and interactive way.

Live Events
Live Events

Live YouTube and IPTV Streaming

Showcase live feeds of your event by streaming YouTube livestreams, or live IPTV channels. NowSignage can stream any YouTube videos, or live TV channels as long as you have the correct licenses for the channel you wish to show.


Communicating with attendees during live events in an efficient way is essential to ensure your messaging gets across. With digital signage, making announcements has never been easier! Simply type out the message you want to broadcast and it will appear instantly. This can be useful for stage time reminders or schedule changes.

Live Events
Live Events

Dynamic Pricing

Adjust product prices in real-time based on various factors such as demand, time of day or for special promotions. This feature helps events organisers optimise pricing strategies and maximise revenue in ticket sales, catering, and merchandise.

Screen Synchronization

Synchronisation of multiple digital signage displays can provide a more engaging and immersive experience during live events. By ensuring content across multiple screens are displayed simultaneously, event organisers can use this feature for creating a cohesive atmosphere and maximising what is being displayed in one place.

Live Events
Live Events

Capacity Management

Create a safe and seamless experience during live events with your digital screens by using the capacity management feature. This allows you to optimise crowd flow, preventing overcrowding in specific areas and maintaining a comfortable environment for attendees by showing real-time alerts and messaging.

Age and Gender Triggers

Utilise targeted campaigns like never before with age and gender triggers. Using sensor technology, your screens will detect the demographic profile of attendees when looking at a digital screen and adapt what is being shown automatically to better suit them. This can be useful to showcase gender or age specific content.

Live Events
Live Events

Proof of Play

Proof of Play is a great feature if you are dealing with external businesses to advertise their products or services. With this feature, you can see when content has been shown, the frequency and length of time. This can help you and marketing departments to make strategic decisions based on results.

Social Media Walls

Engage with your audience by showing live social posts from the likes of Twitter and Instagram submitted by fans. Control and moderate the posts shown on screens in real-time through the NowSignage platform.

Live Events
Live Events

Freestanding Totems

Utilize this versatile screen solution to target content to specific areas of your event. Help direct guests, inform them of running times, or offer interactive content through touch enabled displays.

Digital Billboards

Advertise to large crowds using large displays. Communicate efficiently with your fan base and showcase sponsor promotions and track their performance using proof of play.

Live Events
Live Events

Digital Menu Boards

Control pricing and product lists across networks of menu boards in pop-up food and beverage outlets. Use dynamic pricing to update these depending on time or location.

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