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Digital Signage for Professional Services

Showcase excellence and top communication with digital signage in your workplace.

// Use Power BI to display industry insights and performance
// Display key projects and testimonials to engage customers
// Utilise IPTV to show TV channels relevant to your business
// Promote workshops and seminars for clients and workers
// Use touch screen devices to display interactive past projects

Professional Services

Image & Video

Display ads and promotions to customers including updated surveying rates, offers and professional information. Increase productivity internally with team communications across digital noticeboards.

Professional Services
Professional Services

Secure Dashboards & Power BI

Secure dashboards are essential within finance departments to protect sensitive information and data. You can be confident that there is no risk of credentials stored on your digital screens, as it is all done through our secure CMS. NowSignage also has full API integration with Microsoft Power BI.


This convenient feature allows authorised users to immediately change the content on screens from a mobile device. Whether you need to communicate an emergency message or show specific content straight away, OnDemand allows you full control your without needing to change your schedules.

Professional Services
Professional Services

Remote Device Management

Remote Device Management is a fundamental feature for digital signage. It allows users to control hardware settings and screen management from a remote location. Whether you need to install updates, adjust the screen brightness or turn displays off, this feature allows you to do so without going on site.

Interactive Touch Hotspots

Touch enabled webpages can be displayed onto screens with the tap of a button. This helps customers to navigate to products and services for further information. NowSigange supports the display of any webpage.

Professional Services
Professional Services

Multi-Zone Layouts

Multi-Zone Layouts are valuable for creating dynamic displays that showcase different aspects of your offering simultaneously. For instance, your branch could show claim information, special offers and local announcements, all on one screen.

Professional Services


Weather information can be useful in professional services to help clients and employees plan visits or activities.
By providing real-time weather updates and forecasts, this feature helps visitors prepare for weather-related changes that may affect plans.

Content Triggers

NowSignage integrates with multiple third-party technologies allowing screen content to be triggered by a number of factors including weather, audience demographic and sensors. Once set up, these triggers will automatically take place through the CMS and change content on your screens.

Professional Services

Digital Noticeboards

Keep back-of-house staff teams informed by communicating the likes of sales targets and calendars. Also, utilize displays to promote promotions and updates to customers.

Professional Services
Professional Services

Window Displays

Attract passers-by with large format digital window displays. These can be updated regularly and show a range of different promotions – something not possible with printed media!

Meeting Rooms

Set up rooms designed for hybrid working. Seamlessly engage your team members from anywhere in the world. Utilize digital signage to display corporate messaging when the displays are not in use for calls.

Professional Services
Professional Services

Freestanding Totems

Advertise services in targeted locations using freestanding totems that can be placed anywhere you need. Rotate through seasonal campaigns, and image and video promotions. Also use these displays to help inform and direct customers to the right place.

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