Digital Signage for Stadia and Events Spaces

NowSignage has a proud history of working with stadia and events spaces all over the world since 2013.

It’s important to such businesses that they have the ability to make changes quickly and as easily as possible. Because of our excellent scheduling capabilities, the planning of future content and events has never been easier.

Stadia and event spaces

General Communication

Keep staff and visitors well informed in your waiting area and reception with our multi-zone layouts which can display a variety of dynamic content such as: IPTV streams, social media feeds, local weather, local traffic, and any other number of free-to-use applications.

With NowSignage, it’s easy to create a truly eye-catching digital signage experience to help continually engage your audience and ensure they don’t “switch off” from your digital signage displays.

Stadia and event spaces
Stadia and event spaces


The correlation between on-premise advertising and increased sales is well-proven and undeniable. Digital signage on your premises takes the promotion of future events and the advertising of individual products and special offers to a whole new level, with the ability to send real-time promotions direct to your customers with the click of a button.


Capacity Management

NowSignage has collaborated with leading technology partners to provide an effective way to manage industrial workplace capacity during and after the Covid19 crisis.

Maintaining social distancing regulations within your event venue is made simple by activating our free capacity management app to display real-time capacity data on your digital signage screens in any given location. You can even display the live capacity alongside your latest offerings and promotions within a multi-zone layout.

Stadia and event spaces
Stadia and event spaces

Social media

NowSignage has developed direct, single-sign-on integrations with all 5 of the major social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin & YouTube. Our integrations are secure, stable and easy to use.

These tools make it possible for users to engage directly with their audiences via their digital signage screens. You can design your own branded Twitter & Instagram walls to display live audience comments/photos directly to your screens to create a fun and interactive digital signage experience for your audience.

Stadia and event spaces

“We chose NowSignage as our technology partner because they are widely regarded as being the leaders of experiential installations that deliver engagement between brands and their customers.”

James Mellor, GB Sponsorship & Events Lead at Coca-Cola Enterprises

Digital menu boards

NowSignage is used by stadiums and event spaces on digital menu boards of all sizes and resolutions in locations all over the world.

When choosing software for your digital menu boards, NowSignage is an easy decision due to the ability to make changes to your screens “on the fly” as our CMS allows you to instantly amend pricing and push new promotional content at the click of a button.

Stadia and event spaces
Stadia and event spaces

Wayfinding & signage

NowSignage can be used to help visitors to large venues navigate their way around far more effectively. During live events screens can be repurposed to help divert crowds to the right places at the right times.


Health and safety

As well as real-time announcements and updates, NowSignage has a number of free-to-use applications to help maintain the wellbeing and safety of your workforce, such as our digital hand sanitiser application.

This app utilises cutting edge integrations with leading third party technologies to provide you with robust and reliable solutions. Our free-to-use application allows users to set parameters on all of their digital hand sanitiser machines across their estate. Setting this up takes seconds, and once done can be used to trigger refill alerts and notifications to whomever is tasked with maintaining the device.

Stadia and event spaces

Localised ads and permissions

NowSignage is ideal for a single venue with a handful of screens, or multiple global locations with thousands of screens. The use of tags means users can easily manage a large network of screens just as easily as a small one.

You can use tags to limit the access of specific screens/ schedules to certain users, for example, you can provide a regional stadium manager with access to just the screens within the North West region but restrict access to the South West screens. This helps minimise any potential any user error and allows multiple users to manage their set portfolio of screens with ease.

Stadia and event spaces

Hardware agnostic

We became a little tired of seeing CMS providers essentially forcing users to purchase a particular piece of hardware or media player in order to merely get their software to work!

We also know that industrial environments often require hardware that can operate in extreme conditions, so often factories will have a diverse range of differing brands and specifications.

So, 2019 NowSignage became the very first digital signage CMS to become genuinely hardware-agnostic through a single codebase, so NowSignage should simply work.

Stadia and event spaces