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Founded in 1999, Giada offers a full range of digital signage products for various applications by providing entry, mid-range or high performance models that feature fanless or segregated ventilation designs. Giada digital signage players enhance the customer experience, projecting sophisticated displays in Ultra HD single or multiple screens video wall and with advanced remote management that easily refreshes content and increases uptime while lowering costs.

Since its founding, the company has been making great efforts to build its own brand. Giada enjoys a high reputation and stable market share in related industries in China, Western Europe and North America. Giada was awarded the 1st Place Media Player in Digital Signage Award 2018 at the Digital Signage Summit Europe in Frankfurt, Germany. Giada was honored for its leading position in the ever-growing European Digital Signage market, where Giada is both the bestselling Digital Signage media player as well as the most preferred brand of the 180+ European System Integrators.

Products we’re tested on:

NowSignage is compatible across the whole range of Giada players from their entry-level DN73 players through to their semi-industrial range such as the ISC-261

Typical Use:

Having a wide range of products from entry-level through to industrial, means that Giada are used across a huge variety of digital signage projects across a huge variety of vertical markets such as commercial, corporate, retail and hospitality.

NowSignage is the world’s only signage CMS to be genuinely agnostic via a single code base. As such, all premium features work seamlessly ‘out of the box’ with Giada’s hardware.

Tom Ross, Commercial Director

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