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Digital Signage on Hisense


A Hisense and NowSignage product integration delivers signage software to all Hisense screens.

we believe that everything we do should make your life simpler, better and more entertaining. That’s why, it is our aim to make the latest technologies accessible to everyone through thoughtfully designed and expertly built products.

HiSense manufacture a huge variety of digital signage screens including; indoor, outdoor, interactive, LED Walls and video walls.

Products we’re tested on:

NowSignage is fully compatible across all Hisense screens

Typical Use:

Corporate, Retail, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality and QSR

Case Study

Case Study

NowSignage is the world’s only signage CMS to be genuinely agnostic via a single code base. As such, all premium features work seamlessly ‘out of the box’ with Hisense’s hardware.

Tom Ross, Commercial Director

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